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A maroon-flecked princess lily may have the irises flush with envy in the Ladies’ Border. Not only does this Californian cultivar boast a name just as warm, sweet, and spirited as its color suggests, but in the right light, a group of them cuts a figure like an angelic brass section.

Lilium parvum is a species of lily known by the common names Sierra Tiger Lily and Alpine Lily. It is native to the Sierra Nevada of California and Nevada. The plant grows in mountainous forests, sending up stems with inflorescences of lily flowers during the summer months.

Nymphaea ‘Indiana’ Nymphaea ‘Indiana’ Nymphaea ‘Indiana’ Nymphaea ‘Indiana’ Indiana is a hardy miniature/dwarf two colour single. It's flowers vary from an apricot colour to a true pink, and change between those colours as they age. It is one of the hardier and earlier miniature water lilies and an excellent plant for smaller ponds. Quantity: Out of StockUnavailable, out of season or out of stock Price: $15.00