Kindskopf (Head of a Child) 1991 by Gottfried Helnwein

Gottfried Helnwein: Kindskopf (Head of a Child) 1991 600 cm x 400 cm oil and acrylic on canvas This artist is creates the most disturbing and haunting portraits of children.

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It is the function of the artist to evoke the experience of surprised recognition: to show the viewer what he knows but does not know that he knows. Works by Gottfried Helnwein Title: William Burroughs, on Gottfried Helnwein via but does it float

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"Head of a Child III" - Gottfried Helnwein, oil and acrylic on canvas {contemporary artist female head girl face photorealism portrait painting}

Ivana Besevic is a talented Paris-based digital artist from Belgrade. She creates lively emotional portraits of her friends, celebrities and strangers.


Graffiti rain idea for bedroom wall art. Does anyone know who this graffiti artist is?

何百もの走り書きで描かれた、リアルなポートレート作品集「Faces」 | roomie(ルーミー)


The artist Vince Low uses controlled scribble to create a tonal portrait of Johnny Depp. I think this artist uses a range of pencils from to because there's a wide variation of shades of grey.

The Murmur of the Innocents 11,2009,mixed media (oil and acrylic on canvas), By Gottfried Helnwein

likeafieldmouse: “ Gottfried Helnwein - Murmur of the Innocents - oil and acrylic on canvas ”

Realistic 3d drawing by tulliusheuer | Design Inspiration | Follow us

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Black and white on toned tan paper - Katherine Stone (1986)

Katherine Stone (1986)