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Saatchi Gallery, London | Richard Wilson 20:50 (site specific oil installation: 1987, used sump oil and steel)

WebEcoistfrom WebEcoist

Profound Earthworks of Richard Long

Earthworks of Richard Long | For Richard Long the art of working with nature is almost always about the journey. He describes some of his works as walks themselves, and other works as sculptures made along his way. In many cases he appropriates natural materials to create new configurations, designs and patterns from them. In others he further splits these geometries in a return to more naturalistic forms.

Susanna Hesselberg, Sculpture by the Sea, 2015. "When My Father Died It Was Like a Whole Library Had Burned Down"

Mute stones that speak for themselves

David Rose Red Slate Circle by Richard Long at Tate Britain

Kurt Perschke's Red Ball Project