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I just finished this and it is so cute! Such a good book, I've made it a goal to finally read ALL of Jane Austens' novels.

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36 Life Changing Poems Everyone Should Read

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I'm half Agony, Half hope- Persuasion- Jane Austen- buy two get one free- includes a 16" or 18" snake chain- READY TO SHIP

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Sarah's Key

One of my favorite books. It is super moving, I would highly recommend this book ! the July 16, 1942 roundup of Parisian Jews by the French police for their eventual transport to the Auschwitz death camp. De Rosnay chose to tell her tragic story by alternating the first person narrative of Sarah Starzynski, a little girl caught up in the roundup with her family, and Julia Jarmond a journalist assigned to do a story on the incident some sixty years later.