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Without my cell phone, I wouldn't....

This is so sadly true. The first day in Japan, jet-lagged and semi-functioning, we HAD to get our new cell phones. It didn't matter that we only knew 3 people on the island. We were naked with our phones. How did I make it through college without a cell phone?

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Without my cell phone, I wouldn't answering questions about my life in hundreds of texts....I WOULD be LIVIN' It!

How did we ever survive without cell phones? This is so sad, but so true!!!!

Without my cell phone, I wouldn't... true story. It's disgusting.

haha so true! wow i wonder what people did before cell phones?!

My life would suck without you, cell phone.

so sad, but sooooo true!

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How Do They Decide These Things?

So true!!!!

Clothing Sizes. By Sarah Andersen. // seriously though, women's clothing sizes are ridiculous.

i bet that's exactly how they pick clothing sizes for women

I'm 237% sure this is how clothing sizes are decided.

Sarah's Scribbles. Women clothes sizes

Clothing Sizes. By Sarah Andersen.

The plight of the dressing room

This makes me laugh every time

Sarah Anderson lol

Doodle Time


Haha too true

You never know what you have clean your room, ~ Cool Funny Quote #funny, #cool, #quotes, #quotations,

When i say i clean my room it usually means i made a path from my bed to my door.. Said the pinner and my daughter!!:)

So true. I especially loved finding money when I cleaned my room as a kid. It was like hitting the jackpot!

as a kid I hated to hear "go clean your room" but I'd be in there all day playing with stuff I "found" LMAO

This is SO true - I've experienced this when I clean my craft room!!

so true...this is why kids end up playing instead of cleaning

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bahahahaha. this is so true. story of my life.

For my daughter... So true!

9GAGfrom 9GAG

What will you bring if you're stranded on a desert island?


Bahahaha! I literally laughed out funny! ♫backpack- backpack♫

..."backpack, backpack...loaded up with things and nick nacs too"...

This makes me laugh. So true. Dora the explorer!

Sorry about the bad word but this is funny stuff!!

so true! #dora omg I'm giggling so much!!

Never thought of that...but it's so true.

teenage post | Tumblr worth-repeating

so funny, but so true!!

Funny photos funny desert island Dora The Explorer

Nerd Brain.. so true. you can't half-ass interest

#teen How my brain works – utterly obsessed – uninterested There is no middle ground.

How my brain works: utterly obsessed or uninterested. This is so true. I want to harness my strengths, and get rid of all the bad stuff.

How my brain works: utterly obsessed or uniterested. So true, uninterested is when my split ends suddenly seem so interesting LOL!

How my brain works: utterly obsessed or uninterested. So true.

true story! Utterly obsessed with work.

How my brain works; totally Me :)

My life. Never a middle ground

"How My Brain Works" *giggle*

funny stuff I like

I thought about swapping pajamas for yoga pants, but then realized that I am most productive when wearing yoga pants.

Story of my life...while not working. Getting motivated to put jeans on is tough..I'm living in in PJ's and sweats.

"oh dear. i really ought to do something. but i am already in my pajamas." story of my life.

The story of my life. funny-stuff

This is the story of my life! I love Pj's!

So true. It's all about the pajamas.

so true... So totally me




i wouldve put "long distance relationship" but now i get to change it to either "in love" or "heartbroken" YAY ME.

What if the relationship status on facebook was like this? Hahaha too funny..but it would be more accurate..LOL

Dear Mark Zuckberg, please add these options to Facebook so the truth about some people can REALLY come out! Thank you! =].

#SO FUNNY BUT TRUE...take note facebook. this is how it should be

Long distance relationship . . . story of my life.... AGREED!

Facebook Relationship Statuses. How it should be.

New Relationship Status list for FB. :-)

Some people need this for Facebook. Ha

Too funny!

so true!

You know how when you're in the bathroom for half an hour and nobody bothers you? Yeah, I don't...I'm not a Dad...


So true - only Dads get as much time as they want in the bathroom - and this is not just applicable to moms with babies!

Funny Baby Ecard: You know how when you're in the bathroom for half an hour and nobody bothers you? Yeah, I don't...I'm not a Dad...

@Samantha Fair Cassara - TOTALLY validates my story I told you on the lake last week!!!! I just needed ONE TIME.:)

Funny thing is, when I called and called and called into the next room for my husband to come and read this funny card there was no reply...he was seriously up in the bathroom. Figures

AMEN!!! Aaron gets to go to the bathroom in peace, AND shower with the door closed!!#Repin By:Pinterest++ for iPad#

You know how when you're in the bathroom for half an hour and nobody bothers you? Yeah, I don't...I'm not a Dad...

this also applies to grandma' even the grandkids cant resist the urge to find me when im in disposed


well, it IS true...

As I was getting ready to sleep last night, I heard Danny sneeze in the other room. I couldn't yell out loud "bless you" to avoid waking up the baby... so I text it to him instead. He liked the message:)

Mom: The amazing ability to hear a sneeze through closed doors, in the middle of the night, 3 bedrooms away...while daddy snores next to you. This is so me!!!

Another pinner says "And this is why I'll never get a decent night of sleep again. I've been trained to hear every.single.noise." So completely true.

Mom's ability! not just that.. but also hearing them out of bed sneaking around from across the house *L* -Mel

It's a mom thing and totally true :))

With motherhood comes bionic hearing

Ultra sonic mommy ears!

Mom's ability! So true

"mom ears" so true!


Uhhh stress is now a normal part of my life...i wish I would burn calories from stress!

If stress burned calories.....nursing school would make me weigh like 98 pounds. Lol

If stress burned calories, I'd be a supermodel.... so true!

If only it was true about stress burning calories. Lol

If stress burned calories... Thank you Nursing school!

Oh how I wish stress burned calories...

If stress burned calories. If only haha

haha so true! Story of my life.

Funny stuff


So true!

Omg, this was the best game of my childhood. My dad would be the "lava monster" and my sister and I would jump on his back and try to defeat him :)

Item #94: Relive my childhood with my adult friends by playing childhood lava monster, chase, cops & robbers, etc.

Use to play that with my sisters. I dint realize it was a common game. I don't think I've seen my kids do it yet.

Loved playing hot lava monster when i was kid. Climed trees, swingsets, furniture, houses, etc just to avoid burning! Great memories!

so true. I remember playing with my daughter jumping from couch to chair to avoid the "hot lava".

Want my kids to do this & more. Love my childhood memories.

So true! My kids love doing this! Hot lava!

. #funny stuff


hahaha SO true

Seriously!!! I can't stand buzz-kills. If you're too miserable to laugh at anything, do us all a favor and stuff it.

ya keep you heart felt crap to yourself! it's funny pull your head out of you ass and laugh!!

Happens to me alllllll the time!

bahahaha def giggled

teenager post

True story!!

all the time

truth! lol

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