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This is an incredibly uplifting story about how a teacher of children with special needs gains permission to take his class to space camp. It's an incredible journey with amazing results.

"A Smile as Big as the Moon" is a true story about a class of special education students who attended space camp. The book was written by Mike Kersjes, their teacher, and writer Joe Laydon.

The most wonderful book about teaching.  While it focuses on special needs it's applicable to all abilities.  Words can't express it's impact on my teaching career.  A movie has been made and John Corbett is going to star as the teacher who takes his special needs students to space camp.  A must read for all teachers, student teachers, and anyone who works with children. @heather klikas

If you haven't read this, or seen the new Hallmark movie, it's a wonderful story about teamwork, perseverance, people with special needs - and those who love them.

Special Education Teacher's Wish List: 1. Velcro 2. Velcro 3. Velcro 4. Velcro 5. Duct Tape.

These items rule my sped classroom! Plus lamination. And no, the Duct Tape isn't for taping the kids up, it's for creating visual boundaries on the floor!

Making Words activity for each month of the year.  Working on phonemic awareness.

Teacher Appreciation Jackpot!

I'm a Resource Teacher. Do you know what to do to get started if you are just starting out as a Resource Teacher? This post tells you just that!

See Me After Class: Advice For Teachers By Teachers (book review).

See Me After Class! (Review)

Professional Resource: great for year teachers ("See Me After Class" by Roxanna Elden)

This picture represents the roles of a special education teacher. Juggling the many hats of a special education teacher.

The modern day dynamic teacher needs to be able to juggle many tasks while wearing many hats to engage many different types of students.

Link2.....Educating Peter - ACADEMY AWARD, Best Documentary Short Film.   Peter Gwazdauska has Down Syndrome.  EDUCATING PETER is the story of Peter's first year in a regular classroom with normal children. This documentary is about the changes that take place over the course of the school year, as Peter, his classmates, and the teacher learn lessons that go far beyond their academic subjects.

"Educating Peter" documentary about a boy with Downs Syndrome and his education

Special Education Teacher Green Apple Magnet

Special Education Teacher Green Apple Magnet

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