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  • SamandJody Thiemann

    drunk in relationship!!! Freaking funny but so true!

  • Meaghan Mackay

    Haha, best thing about this is I WAS drunk the entire relationship. ohhh to not be 15 again

  • Mandy King

    Haha! Nope, wasn't me that was drunk most of the time. This makes me laugh!!

  • Ashleigh Burk

    Amiright?! You may think you never will and may even believe you never want to, but trust me, this is the best place to be. Memories are great but when your heart finally acknowledges it is better off, you find great humor in your "mistakes." All past relationships were stepping stones, all things we learned from, all practice, all mistakes we made before we finally got the opportunity to do it right.

  • Danielle Warren

    Funny stuff!

  • C Brooks

    Ever looked at your ex and wondered was I drunk the entire relationship? – Quotes about relationships and breakups

  • Kristen McKown

    way to many times... good thing middle school relationships don't count ;)

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