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Win My Heart -- How to be Mega-Attractive to a Man, even if you are not his type.

Win My Heart - Let Me Wear Your Sweater❤ #Relationships #Goals #Love

This is an important aspect for both of us actually and I'm so glad we are both so good with kids and love kids so much. I have worked at a daycare for 6 years and derek has worked there for a year as well so we have seen what great parents we will be someday first hand :)

Mmm I love my good morning texts every morning and my goodnight texts even when I've already fallen asleep. :)

Make me feel loved whenever I feel like the rest of the world hates me. If I don't feel secure about something try your hardest to make me feel special and show me you love. <3

Date Night Ideas: 1.Water Fight.Sure we get the place a little damp, but it’s just water, it’ll dry out. Trust me, a grown up water fight is incredibly fun! 2.Dinner and movie in Living Room.Two of you can make a delicious dinner together before you sit down to enjoy it. 3.Massage Night.Giving a warm oil body massage to your spouse is easily one of the most romantic things you can do together.