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Mapo Tofu Recipe - The Mapo Tofu recipe is not for the faint-hearted, it’s lip-smackingly spicy and downright incendiary #pork #tofu #chilis

Mapo Tofu with Korean Slant by weekofmenus:Tasty! #Tofu #Pork #Mapo

MAPO TOFU Substituted hoisin for oyster sauce, tahini for miso, chili oil for tobanjan, and shallots for scallions.Tossed with rice vermicelli, and it was delicious.

{China} Authentic Mapo tofu - spicy tofu with ground meat in a savory and numbing sauce |

because i have never had really amazing ma po tofu and this has green Sichuan peppecornrs and a link to where to get them!

Mapo Tofu: an authentic Sichuan style Mapo Doufu with the floral tongue numbing Sichuan peppercorn

Mapo tofu is a famous Sichuan style tofu dish. Minced pork and soft tofu cubes are seasoned with Chinese doubanjiang paste and chicken stock. Spicy? Oh, yes!

What we want for dinner tonight: this spicy Ma Po Tofu from Hannah Kaminsky.

Mapo Tofu, tofu cubes with minced pork in a hot spicy sauce. My favorite over steaming white rice