AMEN!!! As someone who has handled pits personally, it's most definitely the people behind the dog...NOT the breed itself.

Pit bull love

Pit bull. ❤️

pit bull + flower

I cannot deal with how cute this is. Pit bulls are the BEST dogs - look at his (her?) face!! If I witnessed this I would die! LOL

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Pit Bull Prayer.

Pit bulls

American Pit Bull, by Steve Collins. I dare ya not to love this photo!

great idea for pit bull owners!

Saving Pit Bulls

dogs are so the best

How to help find a lost dog..

Cutest thing ever! I love this! I will train Buttercup to do this!

This is like my dog

Your life is incomplete if you have not experienced the love of a pit bull! <3

Full Of Excitement... I'm going home!

Birthday boy #germanshepherds #dogs

Meet the World's First Dog with Four Prosthetic Legs