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Marilyn Monroe - SO PRETTY
Pretty gurl Marilyn♡
“Beneath the makeup and behind the smile I am just a girl who wishes for the world.”  Ms Marilyn Monroe
MM - photographed by Carl Perutz 1958 for an Easter Hat feature to be painted by Jon Whitcomb.
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Beautiful Lady (Marylon Monroe).  This face reminds me so much of you..esp. if she had brown hair.
I really like the idea of doing noir, classic film or rockabilly engagement photos. So cool and fun.
James Dean & Marilyn
What is it about this hypnotizing woman? I think the tragic downfall and  the incredible stories about her just really make her even more  unbelievable and impossible to stop obsessing over.  Michelle Williams did a stand up, magical, incredible job portraying her,  but no one can truly capture that magnificent beauty... Charlize Theron  would have been amazing also.  Enjoy my collection of fave pics :)