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Underwater Feelings by Martine Emdur

'Plunge' by Martine Emdur

Australian artist, Martine Emdur- Skim

Emil Alzamora

Blake Little's incredible sculptural photographs involve a lot of bravery, and gallons of honey...

Gonzalez Palma - “ARA SOLIS”

This incredible work by Zaria Forman looks unbelievably realistic! If we didn't know better, we'd think these drawings were actual photographs. Click to see more of her work.

Melting Men by Brazilian artist Nele Azevedo, Berlin.

Rowan Mersh 2014

Beautiful purple and blue boulder opal and opalized wood&;cut by Bill Kasso

C Pazia Mannella of Philadelphia, PA, USA | Weekly Artist Fibre Interviews | Fibre Art

Evoke Cycles of Nature CLLC

Forest Art

Martin Hill X Philippa Jones

Sonja #Hinrichsen Snow Drawings


Bornean Peacock Pheasant Feathers



Jiri Geller

Tara-Donovan-Art-Exhibit-at-Pace-Gallery-NYC | DeSmitten

Pixel Design Inspiration. I just got a bunch of paint chips to do (try) the flower.

pixel art, looks like a dance floor!

Use photoshop to pixelate a photo and use that as a guide for a modern watercolor 6e9ff9a1a01813c8cd07cea06b7290e7.jpg (433×942)

pixelated art