Turquoise retro microwave

retro camper sized kitchen stuff, pretty cheap

ELMIRA - Choose from any of nine great not-so-standard Northstar colors ”Textured Black, Buttercup Yellow, Flamingo Pink, Robin’s Egg Blue, White, Mint Green, Candy Red, Quicksilver or Bisque” your Northstar microwave will add a zap of color to your kitchen!

New Energy Efficient Appliances with the Retro Look


inside a vintage camper

A cool green machine!! '77 Scamp Fiberglass Trailer- 13ft.- Fully Restored with Retro Vintage look

vintage trailer | Tumblr

Avr X3200W, Products, Hifi, Atmos Surround

Vintage Campers

Vintage Turquoise Blue 1964 Travel Trailer, Oasis "Bellflower" Camper Caravan. Love the details and the vintage radio too!!

Little Vintage Cottage: An Update on Maizy (My Little Vintage Trailer)

Meet The Nugget: Vintage Camper Trailer Makeover Series

Vintage trailer

I LOVE these! This website has 1950's style ranges, fridges, microwaves, etc. that are totally modern in their functionality. They also make all those appliances in 1800's styles! If I was rich, this is how I would be doing my kitchen!

This is one of the best camper kitchen setups I've seen.

tiny turquoise vintage trailer.

Cool vintage camper trailer - would love to hook this up to the back of my Mini Cooper!

TW48 towel steamer

Camper trailer screen door ♥ I know this door is for a camper, but it's EXACTLY what I'd like to have at the front door of my house.