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Night of full moon, Tokyo, Japan: photo by mirebooo24, via Flickr

Egypt Aswan - this is such a beautiful little island! My favorite place in Egypt.

Maybe someday we should go to Egypt? After things calm down a bit over there, though.

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Karnak Temple, Egypt ~ Karnak is one of the most famous archeological site in Egypt. The temple, dedicated to Amon god, was connected to the city (about 5 miles away), by a Sphynx alley. Walking within the rooms of the temple, and discovering hieroglyphs and wall sculptur make you travel in time.

Temple of Kom Ombo, Egypt is an unusual double temple built during the Ptolemaic dynasty (180-145 BC) in the Egyptian town of Kom Ombo. The southern half of the temple was dedicated to the crocodile god Sobek, god of fertility and creator of the world with Hathor & Khonsu. the northern part of the temple was dedicated to the falcon god Haroeris, also known as Horus the Elder, along "with Tasenetnofret (the Good Sister, a special form of Hathor) and Panebtawy (Lord of the Two Lands). -Wikipedia

Drive me to the Moon! And let me sing a tune, soon it will be June and then July's ending room. And I love the light of your summer's cast. And I love all of the nights you've come to last. I will miss you long after the winds of Arctic glows come near, call out to my ear, I still will hold you near my lovely long summer's bloom.

Entrance pylons of the Temple of Isis at Philae, Aswan, Egypt

Turn your head slightly to the right and a woman in prayer comes into sight. For upon this summer eve, one is not above or below, merely comforted by the still of the night, all is peaceful, no strife. Alone and serene, glory unfolds. Hush!