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The Fart That (Almost) Altered My Destiny. This is THE funniest thing you will ever read!!! Do not read if you have a heart condition. Otherwise, read but please remember to take breaks and breathe. :)


I always knew they were real…

I think of this every time

from 9GAG

Well, Screw you, Bambi!

I can probably fit a SmartCar in the back of my FiT and probably still have room for groceries. SMH.

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Just For Fun

see a lot of this plus a whole lot more crazy shit every day... gotta love walmart

At a children's hospital in London, window washers have a clause in their contract requiring them to wear super hero costumes. They report it to be the highlight of their week. How Awesome!!!!!!

Made me laugh so hard.

from BuzzFeed

28 People Who Totally Fixed Everything

This person who will never be late! (28 People Who Totally Fixed Everything)