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    You Tube, History Channel, Persia: Engineering an Empire

    Alexander the Great Vs Persia - (CC 2, wk5)

    The true Xerxes (from Persepolis), National Archaeological Museum of Iran,Tehran. #Achaemenids

    statue at Persepolis, Iran..

    Relief: two servants bearing food and drink, ca. 358–338 B.C. Iran, Persepolis. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Harris Brisbane Dick Fund, 1934 (34.158) | Representations of hundreds of alternating Persian and Median servants bringing food and drink for a royal feast such as in this relief are on the walls of several palace stairways at Persepolis.

    The royal diadem worn by Alexander the Great - History of Macedonia the ancient kingdom of Greece

    The Art of the Seljuqs of Iran (ca. 1040–1157)

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    Ramesses Statue Nile Delta Egypt

    Persepolis relief


    Persepolis Iran


    Iran - Persepolis

    Nasir Al-Mulk Mosque, Shiraz, Iran


    Persepolis, Iran


    Persepolis, 80 years ago0

    Persepolis "Darius I" the great

    Persepolis, Iran