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The true Xerxes (from Persepolis), National Archaeological Museum of Iran,Tehran. #Achaemenids

Ancient Persian Susian Salute Artifact Statues of Parthian Arsacid Princess doing The right hand bent straight, with the elbow to the waistline and the hand held up sideways. The left hand held in front of the body as the show of respect. This Salute is the origin of the Ancient Persian Aryan Salute of the later years during Achaemenids and after eras. Ancient Persian Susian Salute was in use during Susian, Median and Achaemenid Eras.

Persepolis Iran

Alexander the Great Vs Persia - (CC 2, wk5)

In the mountains of Pakistan, 6,000 people live who look and sound very different from their neighbors. They claim to have lived in the area for thousands of years and they look European. Many of the Kalash are blond haired and blue eyed, an anomaly in Pakistan! Some believe that they are descendants of Alexander the Great’s army though their true ethnic origins are still unproven. DNA testing has not produced any connection to Greeks, yet it also showed no East or South Asian lineages eithe...

Colossal statue from ancient Persepolis.

Persepolis relief, Iran.

statue at Persepolis, Iran

Alexander the Great Head Statue

Iran Persepolis

Persepolis. gate of all nations 16

Iran - Persepolis _ Detail of a southern portal with the king Xerxes .





Persepolis, Iran

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Persepolis, Iran