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    • Sabrina Phillips

      This looks, headboard and all, like the one i had as a kid. - Waterbeds

    • Walter Adam Heath Tinsley

      Water Beds! Growing up my cousins @Beth Booher and her sister always had water beds

    • Debi Rogers

      WATERBED!!! This picture is eerily similar to a picture I have - only my waterbed mattress was blue .Yes we'd forgotten about it. My kids and I realized that, looking at each other simultaneously and screaming "WATERBED!!!" Yes, it was overfilled - just like the picture - but it did not leak! Funny memory.

    • Katie Belliveau

      waterbeds - i thought these were the coolest things ever! My sister had one. Then she flooded her room with it hahah

    • Michelle Wallace

      The popularity of waterbeds hit it's height in the 1970s. It was supposedly therpuetic and enhanced sexual activity. My experience as a kid was my uncle putting weight on one side to wake me up...he thought it was funny. One of the troubles with it was filling it as shown above and its propensity for leaking.

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