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A change in perspective can change your life


Diet plays a huge role in transforming your body into a finely tuned machine-actually it accounts for about 70% or more of your overall success...

30 Songs to Get You Running! #runningmusic #runningplaylists

Follow my experience starting the Weight Watchers Personal Coaching program and see how Im using Weight Watchers to discover a healthier me this year!

Chalkboard Weight-Loss Quotes Photo 7


Body transformation.

Kiss it

Top 10 Exercise Motivators

Amber Rose. Bikini body inspiration!


Eating a little healthier and taking this pill everyday WORKS!!

my fav motivation blog

Fit girl

Just wow

A true hero

Protein food chart.

the perfect curvy body I have big thighs so I would love to look like this!!!

A nice reminder that a lower number on the scale doesn't always mean a fitter bod. Just be healthy.

12 Mental Benefits of exercise

First, clean up your diet. Eliminate all refined carbs (bread, pasta, sugar, etc). Eat more fresh veggies (broccoli, spinach, string beans, etc). Eat lean sources of protein (white meat chicken, turkey, white fish, lean cuts of beef, egg-whites, etc). Eliminate your intake of processed/fried foods (fast food, frozen dinners, prepackaged meals, etc). Eat 5 small meals/day. Always eat breakfast, then eat every 3-4 hours after. Try to only drink water. No soda, fruit juice, high-calorie coffee d...