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I think this is more a straight hair problem than a curly hair problem! With straight hair, I have a noticeable kink.

Curly hair problem...but i don't have curly hair, but still funny :)

(Even though I have super straight hair)

Ha!!!  SO afraid of bugs/spiders!!!  If a snake gets ON ME, I'd SEE it!  If a spider got in my hair, I'd freak out!!!  : { (Walking into a spiderweb is one of the scariest feelings!!!) : {


Curly Hair Problem I get stuff in my hair ALL the time! This stuff is flamable!

Curly Hair Problem #551    Ha! Every time!

Curly Hair Problem-exactly what happened my last cut.

Yep, yep, always one. But no, your straightener will not help.


I promise you, if it takes the salon 2 + hours to straighten my hair it will take you at least that long also.

Yeah, sure, I'll try that "volumizing" shampoo... um, no thanks.


Curly Hair Problem Skipping the hairstyling section in the magazines, because none of it applies to you.

This happens to me ALL THE TIME


Curly Hair Problem 385 -- out of the corner of my eye, every time.

Again, I'm not alone. This makes me FURIOUS.


that happens to me and my hair aint even curly

How would you fix this curly hair problem? #frizz #problemsolver @moroccanoil


Curly Hair Problem & it actually happens with naturally wavy hair too.

When straight-haired people think they have it just as bad as you.

When straight-haired people think they have it just as bad as you.