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Not that we'll ever see it, but I hope there are corgi pups somewhere in the palace so that Prince George can have pics like this!

ok this dog is clearly morbidly obese and that is tantamount to abuse. but.. but... i still laughed. i am going to hell.

yes... more dogs... because we all know how much you love pugs and their noisy habits...

Oh how I love pugs!! Too cute!! more funny pics on facebook:

I love the little tiny socks in the ironing photo! The Texas hold em is hysterical!

17 Mascotas Que Quieren La Atención Total De Sus Dueños 14

The more you look at it the more you laugh. Not this dog. No way. No how. Just another reason to live in California.

Introspective Pug - Imgur...My sister showed me this a couple minutes ago and I'm still dying

A Man Who Dares To Waste One Hour Of Time Has Not Discovered The Value Of Life (:

Melanie Radziwon - makes me think of Lucy!! the lovely lady would say "num nums not drugs" - doesn't rhyme, but I don't think she would care ;o)