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  • Deborah Freels

    Lace Eggs - link to 50 Martha Stewart egg decorating ideas

  • Brooke Wells

    62 Ways to Decorate an Easter Egg Lace Eggs It's getting down to the wire. Have you decided how you're going to decorate your eggs this year? For those of us who are still on the fence, Martha and her team have delivered a massive trove of ideas to our Easter baskets, spanning everything from glitter and decoupage to lace and wax resist techniques. A few of our favorites are pictured above, from left to right: Lace Eggs Wax Resist Patterns Baby Bird Eggs Glittered Sticker Eggs Easter Eggs with Overlapping Dot Designs See an inspiring slideshow featuring all 62 ideas at Via How About Orange Images: * Tammy Everts * April 2, 2010 02:30PM Tags Decorating, Parenting, Martha Stewart, easter egg decorating, easter eggs Comments (0) Post a comment Comment are allowed. URLs will be converted to links, and line breaks are automatic. Please be aware of our comment policy. Seeing spam? Let us know. Logged in as | Sign out. Please sign in or register to comment.

  • Christa Cragg

    Lace Eggs from Martha Stewart. Wrap lace around center of the egg and twist to tighten. Secure the twist with a rubber band (not around the egg) dip in color. Unwrap while wet and pat dry in a paper towel

  • Heather Knowles

    Martha Stewart lace pattern dyed eggs

  • Lynn Cator

    Aqua and duck egg blue easter delights- These remind me a lot of the eggs they make in Cyprus at Easter time (although those ones are red)

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