Vintage Fairy Illustration--W. Heath Robinson--Wacky Imp Upside Down


Vintage Fairy Postcard--Off To Bed

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The Fairy’s Birthday -- December 1925

This illustration is from The Water Babies, a children's novel written by the Reverend Charles Kingsley and illustrated by Jessie Wilcox Smith.

Winter fairy

Vintage Fairy Illustration--Dorothy Wheeler--On a Swing

becca stadtlander illustration

russian fairy tale art | Fairy Tale Art: Fantastic Illustrations by Erin Kelso (Picture Gallery ...

Florence Mary Anderson

Russian fairy tale


Nicola L Robinson Illustration.

Vintage illustration

Fun exercise to practice illustration! Awesome idea, find photos you like from magazines then create an illustrated version.

Vintage Fairy Illustration--Dorothy Wheeler--Blue Bird

The Wild Swans -- Harry Rountree -- Fairytale Illustration

The Red Fairy--Gustaf Tenggren--Vintage Fairy Tale Illustration

Vintage Fairy Illustration--The Fairy's Clock