Child's list for Santa each year... (so cute!)

How To Make a Christmas List Ornament

Now I know what to do with those tiny jars from the craft store! Would also be good for Halloween/Harry Potter spells

A cookie plate you don't need back. All you need is a hole punch and ribbon. Perfect for any holiday! Cute!

Must try this next year

DIY cork ball ornament - You could use it as an ornament now and after the holidays display it on your coffee table or book shelves!

Made from Christmas Socks-just 4 pairs from the dollar tree? Cute idea that could be done for anytime of the year.

Christmas craft....I am doing this for the office next year if I

paper ornament inspiration from reclaimed book pages #christmas

Natural Wool Felt Moose Ornament. Hmm, gave "nephew" a 1st Xmas ornament last year, I think I'll continue each year :)

Your first house key as an ornament for when you move. You can remember all the great memories you had every year.

Might have to do this for next year


Santa's Greeting Christmas Tree Ornaments

Christmas door!

Hand-Printed Ornaments

Baby's first ornament...I wanna make this! :)

Styrofoam balls glittered - cheaper than the big ornaments - smart!