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Kool Aid not available in most other countries.

Vintage General Foods Kool-Aid Drink Mix Packs by gregg_koenig, via Flick Along with 2-cups of healthy (LOL) sugar

PurpleSaurus Rex. I was overjoyed when this came out. what is better than grape and lemonade??

You used to have to use a can opener to punch two holes in the top of the can so you could pour it

I would probably commit murder to get my hands on some of this. As a child, it was my crack. - Mountain Berry Punch Kool-Aid

80s Kool Aid - we always had this on hand! I remember I liked the rainbow punch & lemonade the best. Although I also liked lime for the bright green color!

kool aid cups grandma had these.....wait maybe she still does.

KoolAid packets ... I rememer these ... my Mom used to make them into ice cubes for the hot afternoons!

I believe I drank Kool-Aid every day for about 10 years in a row. No WONDER my dentists made so much money.

Kool-Aid Oh, how we laughed when my dad would do his "Koolaid man" imitations! Hahaha! Oh, how much Koolaid did we drink. Whatever happened to that yellow pitcher that held our grape and lemonade mix?

kool aid from the 80's | Berry Blue Kool-Aid - a photo on Flickriver