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Bet he's ruffled a few feathers... Black swan stands out after gatecrashing group of 600 white ones at ancient swannery

Black swan

Mail Onlinefrom Mail Online

Mirror image: Kingfisher barely causes a ripple as he dives into the water

Kingfisher mirror image as dives into water - ©Paul Sawer/Solent (via dailymail)

Photograph by SUHAAS PREMKUMAR for National Geographic   The Green vine snake (Ahaetulla nasuta), is a slender green tree snake found in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. It is diurnal and mildly venomous, normally feeding on frogs and lizards. Green vine snakes are slow moving, relying on camouflaging as a vine in foliage to hunt. The snake expands its body when disturbed to show a black and white scale marking.

At the right place at the right time -a moment in time. Well done. Love this! Beautiful birds, beautiful colors

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