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Funny Confession Ecard: So grateful for Facebook... otherwise I would have to phone 428 people every night to let them know I was ready for bed.

You really can't fix stupid. You sure as hell can laugh at it, though.

I'm not saying you're a slut, but you've put more balls in your mouth than the Hungry Hungry Hippos. | Thinking Of You Ecard |

Funny Confession Ecard: I could unfriend you but I'll just hide you from my News Feed so you can still see how Awesome I am & I don't have to see how douchy you are.

When Im dead, I want people to remember me by starting off each sentence with 'She was the craziest bitch I knew, this one time....'

“In this era of political correctness, some people seem unaware that being squeamish about words can mean being blind to realities.” Thomas Sowell

Funny Sympathy Ecard: If you want to cry use a tissue. Not your Facebook status.