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Meal-in-a-Mould. "Mould", not "mold." Must be from England. I wouldn't eat it either way.

Potato Ring filled with Mor a la Golden Sauce. In color this would be even better. "Mor" is like Spam.

Tender Frankfurters - in the new larger size. Those stuffed onions look gross.

Green Beans Pizzarino: The 8 Absolute Most Disgusting Old Food Recipe Ads

Green Beans Pizzarino. It actually looks sort of like a green bean volcano :)) Great retro food ads #1

my mum grew up in England during WWII and post war food rations, during which she acquired a taste for Spam.---yuck!

You will be laughing hysterically as you read this! The 8 Absolute Most Disgusting Old Food Recipe Ads. Seriously! You will be astonished, and more than a little disturbed.

Spork...tried so hard to be loved like his brother Spam. Rejected by the masses, he lived his life in the shadows. Waiting. For what, he knew not. He just waited. And then he died. The end.

Desperate dinner... And pretzel sticks for dinner?! Must be living in a bunker somewhere...