Soldering tutorial

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Soldering: A Tutorial

Art Jewelry Elements: Soldered Wire Prong Bezels - Castone semplice a griffe per oggetti irregolari, tutorial

Fork braclet

When making ribbon jewelry, it's important to know how to finish it off so as to avoid frayed ends. This tutorial on How to Attach Ribbon Crimps will show you how to give your ribbon necklace a clean, polished look.

How to Make Spoon and Fork Jewelry Tutorials

/l-jewelry out of soda cans

One of the most challenging things to learn when creating jewelry is how to use a torch to solder metal. Soldering is an intricate part of creating...Best article on soldering!

Tutorial for plaited bracelet with beads.

Good tutorial of how to make a resin pin..

Resin Jewelry

how to solder jewelry

How to solder jewelry

several jewelry tutorials

Lots of tutorials for making jewelry! Creating a Simple Loop, a Wrapped Loop Using a Head Pin.. Using Clamshell Bead Tips (Lightweight Silk, Cotton or Linen Cord)... Making Loops.. Creating and Using Connectors.. Using Wire.. Using Stretchy Cord..

How to Solder Sterling Silver Earring Posts With Solder Paste (Tutorial Video) — Make Silver Jewelry

One more leather cuff tutorial :)

Resin teaspoon pendants. - I MUST learn how to use resin, I have a feeling it will quickly become my favorite medium...

The Geometric Shrinky-Dink Necklace! another pin says plastic number 5 is shrinkydink plastic....HEKKKK YA! 46 other jewlery designs on this page too!

tutorial for hammered spoon jewelry