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Pteropod mollusk Sea angel or Clione limacina hunting by Alexander Semenov #Photography #Marine_Biology #Alexander_Semenov

One of a series of pictures showing beautiful but camera shy inhabitants of Russia's White Sea.

Dark matter photography - deep sea marine life that previously couldn't be photographed. These are really cool!

Do you, like Jack Donaghy, keep a negative of a photo of Jacques Cousteau in your safe and harbor secret fantasies of becoming a Student Argonaut? Then you'll definitely appreciate this series of i...

Dark Matter Many marine species can’t be photographed underwater for a variety of different reasons. Some animals are too small, some spend their life burrowed in the seafloor, and some live in the dark depths where nobody can dive.

Sea butterfly, Limacina Helicina: A small creature with black wing-like protrusions preyed upon by the Sea angel, Clione limacina

Dark Matter by Alexander Semenov

Beautiful Underwater Photography by Alexander Semenov