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My science teacher is so like this it drives me crazy but the there is the teacher that lets you out late and you have to walk across the school to get to the next class

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My mum said my name the other day and when I looked at her she told me to stop sassing her. I just have resting glare face

so like a polar bear?

Yeah so went to the hair Solon and.friend:did u get a hair cut. No I dyed my tips invisible so it looks like I cut my hair my friend and I used to say this after we both had massive hair cuts

Yup shhhhhh

Teenager Post - Teacher - "Don't pack up yet! We still have a few minutes!" Students- *packs up slowly & quietly*

*Watches an interview with Jimi Hendrix using his accent. Falls off of bunk bed.

Lol im British! I get confused too tho cuz almost everyone who has an accent not juat British pretty much loses it when they sing.

I do this every time I buy cookie dough. I probably eat more dough than I do the  actual cookie itself. It's a must do lol

Me :So I heard you like bad girls. Me: sometimes I eat the cookie dough before baking it even though it says not to. Shh don't tell anyone. I ALWAYS eat cookie dough and guess what, so does my mom!

So true! When in life r we gonna have to find the value of X????

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