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Merry-Go-Rounds were my FAVORITE - you know, back when there wasn't really such a thing as playground safety! ;)

Were you a little girl in the 80s? ...then you MUST have had a sticker book like this. @Wendy Felts Felts Kurtz - Check out those teddy bear stickers on the left. We totally had those!!! And you were the one with all the unicorn stickers, for sure... haha! :), Inc.from, Inc.

Sesame Street Super Grover T-Shirt

Loved these guys

Sticker Books. My collection topped out at about 5000. I think that negates any cool points I have earned in my life since. (Unless you count the fact that it was the envy of *everyone* circa 1983.)

Holographic stickers. How much of our parents' money did we waste with those silly gumball prize machines??