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10/1: I'm mostly in love with the texture of this insect's carapace. It's kept from being an overbearing block of color by the small winding lines running through it, and of course the massive straight ones running down the length of it. Additionally, it's a very rich orange. It pleases my cones and rods.

Goliath Beetle - Photo by Michelle at Montreal Bunny Flickr

Fascinating Beetle - yellow with bright green markings and red legs.

Six-Spotted Tiger Beetle (Cicindela sexguttata) by Slomoz: Commonly found in the woods of North America (from Minnesota and Ontario to Kentucky) they are characterized by overlappin white mandibles. They usually have 6 spots, but sometimes fewer or none at all! #Six_Spotted_Tiger_Beetle

Bug Beauty. Durban, Kwazulu, Zaire // photo by Angela Bax

Beetles! Has anyone else seen pictures of roaches dressed up like celebrities ? The roach in the left top corner could be wearing a white & rhinestone cape. Awful, but funny.

Scarab, ahhh dung beetle how you make me giggle... Pure beauty too!

stripey planthopper of orange and turquoise in the infraorder Fulgoromorpha within the Hemiptera

Iridescent green beetle. Reminds me of the cockroaches from the book 14.

Piezodorus litoratus: The Gorse Shield Beetle sports two adult coloring related to sexual maturity, green, for those mating in the spring and multicolor for those which appear in the late summer.

Big black and hard by nikolarahme (I laughed at the description!)

The prefection of nature - dung beetle family Eli Halili Jewelry & Design