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i don't know what this says, but these are adorable [【插画】超萌小鸟教你,佩戴眼镜] #水...@阿卡不太卡采集到每日唯美插画(1216图)_花瓣插画

<IPhone wallpaper --Phone5 wallpaper - computer wallpaper - Avatar - Illustration - text - - Anime - Tile - Moe matter - Cartoon - People> → Yes_GirL

A Tea Party With Fancy Friends, Joy Ang

VW my family had one of these in the '60's. went to NY city and the World's Fair in it.

vintage camera pop art


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA WADDLES!!! SOOOO CUTE!! @mylittlebaby201 SilverSnow !!

pietari posti

By Panfilia Iannarone. I like how this works to create a simple narrative (of ~love~) between two characters by using props and colour. The graphic style is quite charming as well, as a geometric abstraction of the traditional medieval inspired king/queen illustrations, as well as a playfulness in the aces (turning them into scenes: the old man/ spades is my favourite. It makes me think of a disapproving, grumpy in-law!).

Surf Royale by Dario Genuardi, via Behance

Ball King by Qwiboo Ltd

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A Tea Party With Fancy Friends, Joy Ang

She’s based on Carey Mulliagan as Daisy in the Great Gatsby

Jerry! | via Facebook

Frida Kahlo

Leia and Han

Oh nooooo

Fuck yeah!

Brie mine


Move on

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