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  • Shamboli Patal

    1. Condensation Cloud and Trailing Vortices: A United States Air Force (USAF) F-22A Raptor Stealth Fighter Jet, June 22, 2009, High-Speed Flyby Above the United States Navy's (USN) Nimitz-Class Aircraft Carrier USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74) During Northern Edge 2009 in the Gulf of Alaska, State of Alaska, USA. Photo Credit: Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Josue L. Escobosa, United States Navy; Defense Visual Information (DVI,, 090622-N-9928E-216) and ...

  • Henri Duong

    Breaking sound barrier

  • Richard Goff

    United States Navy Fighter Jets breaking the sound barrier

  • Chris

    F22 breaking the sound barrier

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F-22 Raptor Inverted thrust Vector ripping through the sky.i know it's not a gun, but it has them. Whatever, I want one anyhow.

  • pp pp

    Sure, that'll be $400M, you want it for here or to go? :)

  • Patrick Nimmo

    To go please...I just so happen to be flying right past North Korea if you want my to send a gift... ;)

The Northrop YF-23 or Northrop–McDonnell Douglas YF-23 was an American single-seat, twin-engine fighter aircraft designed for the United States Air Force (USAF). The design was a finalist in the USAF's Advanced Tactical Fighter (ATF) competition, battling the Lockheed YF-22 for a production contract. Two YF-23 prototypes were built with the nicknames "Black Widow II" and "Gray Ghost". Lost out to the lockheed F22 Raptor,

F-22 Raptor Fighter Jets... This is the sound of freedom!

F-22 Raptors in formation, a frgn beautiful site, 2 bad such a super limited production number due to close to 20 mil $ price tag APIECE!!!!!

  • Elaine Nascimento

    Hi Tom, I just saw the F22 air show at the 2014 Sun and Fun. I got to talk to the pilot and he was excellent. I have always loved airplanes, but seeing the F22 up close and personal was absolutely amazing.

  • Thomas Wilson

    Now I'm JEALOUS, what, 3 days at Lakeland Army Airfield, in Lakeland Florida, Girl = LUCKY. I BET it was super cool, like almost "overwhelming" sometimes just being so close to and to be able to touch & really get a GREAT look at those planes:) Well your the expert now Elaine!, I've never been closer to an F-22, or 23 then seeing a low flyover when I was at the hydroplane races in Kennewick, which is on the Columbia river here in Wa, they had a B-1 bomber and Apache helicopter fly over to it was pretty damn cool (even if I couldn't touch em or talk to the pilots!!) Of course I don't know what they have planned here this year, either at the Seattle or Kennewick boat races, 1 thing for sure, theres no place near to land:(:( But the blue angels always do their thing at the Seattle race, & thats always AWESOME! I'm SUPER glad u had the chance at Lakeland Elaine, any other airshows coming near u this summer, lucky girl!!!!? Your Friend Tom Wilson

  • Elaine Nascimento

    The Blue Angels were there too and their performance was spectacular. Even their landing is precise and on point. You can't help be be be in awe of everything they do. I'll be at the Embry Riddle airshow in Daytona, FL later this year. I wish I could go to the 2014 OshKosh but I don't think it's going to happen. Ps. I got an F-22 poster at the show and he pilot and his team autographed it for me. That's my favorite souvenir right now :-)

  • Thomas Wilson

    Yea, rub it in Elaine!!! :) just kidding, u know out of all the girlfriends Ive had, NOT1 was into planes, they would go to shows if I begged them, but mostly it was to lay back on the lounge chair I carried in for them and get some sun, & if it was even a little cloudy, forget aboutit (that kinda sounded like John travolta huh, fugetaboutit:) I did talk 1 into going to the Seattle flight museum with me(being in the Boeing city, its really cool, really cool, she sat did make up & read some womens mag!. So now I go by myself about every 2 months (that's about how long 4 new exibits & stuff, & I always have a good time, but my neck is always a little sore coming home from looking up so much:), Hold on 2 that signed poster girl!!, & take good care of yourself, & we'll talk soon (LUCKY)......... your friend Tom Wilson!

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Afterburner. Makes you sort of wonder how the photo was taken or if it is just another Photoshop product?!