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Tibetan man. The resemblance to Native Americans is very obvious here despite the 1000's of years separating genetic develoment of 2 the peoples. ** A handsome man with a lovely gentle face.

Touareg- inspiration for a costume, add some gear and googles or Sci fi armor

**A Huli man. Papau New Guinea, If you care about Tibet and preserve conscious cultures that won't harm the planet, sign this petition, www.himalayan-fou... nfo@himalayan-fou...

Man from Libya. Such a genuine face. This picture shows a man who is in true content. Again, my love for eyes- it pops up and is the focus of the piece. I also love the color and form of the headdress.

Kenneth J. Harvey by Galit Govezensky WyomingGeezer says: Galit Govezensky does not list where she is from. She seems to specialize in portrait work and photography of the human condition. This is what attracted me. The detail she is able to capture is stunning. I look forward to learning more about her and how she is able to capture such emotion in her work.

*|* A smiling elderly muslin man in Dinsho, a small village in the Bale Mountains, Ethiopia. Photographer Robin Moore.

Papua New Guinea. I would love to sit and hear this man tell me about the years of his life.

Sometimes the shadow self is so well camouflaged that it can take a profound effort to discover it. We are so disconnected from our darkest inner realms that it would be impossible to discover what lies there if it weren't for our "projections." These occur when we subconsciously cast our shadow on to the world around us, which then reflects it back to us • Denise Linn

Old Chinese Man. I saw a man who looked just like this, but wearing a suit, sitting in Doncaster this week. It was an amazing moment.

Africa | Fulani {Peuls} photographed in Senegal | © Claude Gourlay, via Flickr

Amazing portrait in black & white. I always love the character and personality that comes through in close up black and white portraits.