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Butterfly wings. Would be great to do with The Very Hungry Caterpillar FIAR

I'd love to try any of them, really.

I love simple fast yet stylish dresses... here's another one to add to the 'sew for summer' list!

"Like butterflies, different species of fruit flies decorate their wings with a great diversity of spots and patterns. Digging deep into a single gene that produce pigmentation in the flies, a group led by UW-Madison biologist Sean Carroll has found the molecular switches that control where the pigmentation is deployed." (photo by Nicolas Gompel and Benjamin Prud’homme)

They are made from green polyester organza and amber orange rayon chiffon sewn over a heavy duty 12 gauge bailing wire frame. The edges of the fabric have been burnt and singed to give them that ethereal quality. Seed beads have been hand sewn along the veins and glass bead detail has been added to the back. The tips of the wings are finished with coiled wire and green glass beads. They comfortably attach around the arms with elastic. The wire frame is fully bendable and can be adjusted