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    Finding the perfect chicken names for your flock can be quite the process. We've attempted to make it a bit easier for you by compiling all the best chicken names in one place!

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    Keeping backyard chickens should mean that their eggs are fresher, more nutritious and safer to eat than commercially produced eggs, but that will not be the case if eggs are allowed to be contaminated before they even reach the kitchen. Keeping eggs clean in the nest box is a critical step in egg safety and it's not difficult to achieve.

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    hanging lavender keeps the flies out. Hang in chicken coops!

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    Chicken Grit Dispenser from Farmhouse38

    An Awesome chicken feeder my hubby made for me. Many thanks to Rob Bob and Hamish Gale for their awesome idea - check out the youtube videos - and . Materials used: Rubbermaid Brute 20 gallon feed container, 3" hole saw to cut the holes in the container, and 8 - 3" thin wall (Schedule 20) 90º elbows purchased from Lowe's and can be purchased online - item number 182576. No more wasted feed or rodents!!

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    egg packaging design ideas

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