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    • Aimee Sagli

      To use with kids: stress balloons: they are filled with playdough!

    • Shelby Lee

      Play-doh filled stress ball balloons with emotions drawn with a sharpie, good for the "calm down" basket. Good idea as long as nobody bites them

    • Kathryn Waters

      Stress ball balloons (filled with playdough) *There's even a cute printable recipe card for the kids to make the playdough

    • Lauren Dengler

      Playdoh (or sand) filled stress ball balloons with emotions drawn with a sharpie, good for the "calm down" basket

    • April Doute

      stress ball balloons filled with play doh. Best idea for my office kiddos ever!

    • Ruth AFettis

      Stress Ball Balloons - These look so much easier to make than trying to fill up a balloon with sand. Plus you could have kids make the play dough and substitute recipe ingredients with things such as 10 tsp of deep breaths, a pinch of tightening and relaxing muscles, etc. A perfect activity for my Stress Recess Small Groups.

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