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Yep, and this is why every curly girl has a ponytail holder either on her wrist or in her purse at all times

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Curly Hair Problems… (Actually, I don't even need bad weather for this to happen. *sigh* Amy I concur...i put a sweater over my head or scratch my head and I end up with a fro!! lol)

Curly Hair Problems... Yep. Okay this is the most accurate post that is related to me ever

  • Darlene Sanning

    Don't even talk about it. Djdindivnidnfinefineihdfuihsifubsodfuhpwidhpiwehifd hair.

  • T@þøR S&S

    Not really "loling" but i kinda chuckled.

  • Josie Oliver

    when people do this it makes me so mad!!! they're like my hair looks awful and i'm overhear like, realize i'm wearing a headband 'cuz i legit couldn't get my brush through my hair!

  • Meli Naomi

    So very true

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curly hair-yep I have been there!!!!!

curly hair problems. This is oh sooo true! Probably why everyone asks me ab the weather haha

The curly hair struggles know I love my hair after I get out of the shower but it gets frizzy after it dries 😪

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So I have straight hair and have always wanted it curly. What is with you girls with the lovely curly hair and your complaints about it? Please enlighten me on how it's so bad to have curly hair!!! *prepares to be slammed*

  • Zoë Bonnichsen

    It's like there's no middle ground, it hard to style and it doesn't look good Unless you put in hours of work and if it's windy outside? Don't even bother it will just go all over the place and unlike straight hair it won't go back, and then your in this state of conflict you want to straighten it but it

  • Zoë Bonnichsen

    Takes four hours between washing conditioning blow during coming out then flat ironing it and then you don't want to because it damages your hair and your curls never look the same after they turn looser than they used to be and it takes a few days to get semi back to it's normal curly state

  • Zoë Bonnichsen

    after you basically fried the curls out then you miss your old curls that will take a long time to come back and basically u just want what you don't have but trust me you don't want curly hair, just get a curly weave at least it's semi temporary

  • Megan Ziemann

    All of the "curly hair" pictures you see on here are fake. Real curly hair is a cross between homeless person and Afro.

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Lmao!!!! Curly hair problems

  • Sarah C

    Honestly I've never even seen Frozen haha I make it a rule to not watch the same movies as the kids I babysit

  • Tricia Liera Vega

    Yet you are commenting here anyway sarah so I guess it doesn't make you better than any of us

  • Sarah C

    Lol yes of course. Commenting on a picture is the same as arguing about the hair length of fictional characters

  • Tricia Liera Vega

    You say the conversation about length of hair was entertaining. That's how I feel about ours. Good chat. Good bye now! Have a nice life

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