Pirate party?

Pirate cupcakes

pirate cake pops

pirate party

pirate cupcakes

I want to make these! Someone, please, give me a good excuse! Aaaarr Pirate Cupcake by Parklife Cafe

Angry bird cupcakes. I am finding all of this angry bird party ideas and it is really making me want to have an angry bird party :)

Patchwork Owl cake by Lindy Smith from her book 'Creative colour for Cake Decorating'

How to Package Cupcakes...Use a clear plastic cup!

pirate cookie - cute :)

Geisha Cupcakes

Pirate birthday cake

Treasure Chest Cake

Pirate Party

farm animal cupcakes. Sheep, chick, rooster, cow and pig

Treasure Chest Pirate Cupcake - if you ever have a pirate-themed party for the boys

Pirate birthday party

pirate ship cake

pirate party

Pirate cupcakes

Who's up for a Mario baking party? ;-)