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    Drug Calculations 1- Converting units

    Dosage Calculations Made Easy | Nursing Drug Calculations | Med Math: Ev...

    Before and After Drugs (Meth) ; Anti-drug photos to show your teenage kids just yet another reasons why they shouldn't try meth. eww


    non calculator methods for nursing students

    Metric Unit Conversions (Part 2 of 3)

    Drug Calculations for nursing... SO helpful!

    Metric Conversions Using Dimensional Analysis. Students need much practice when learning the concept of dimensional analysis. The process of dimensional analysis can be used through out the year once the students grasp it. This is a worksheet of 10 problems that involves converting between different metric and English system units. Some of these are very complex.

    I hate this..especially when the professor tells you to share one interesting fact..uhmm I have none, because I am not interesting! lol

    ABG Interpretation: This guy seriously explains it so simply, in just 5 minutes you will totally understand!

    Various drugs under a microscope… kinda cool looking


    Therapeutic Drug Levels

    Venipuncture-one of the better phlebotomy videos ive seen so far!

    great video for nursing students needing to remember medication classifications

    8 Drugs Every ICU Nurse Needs to Know. These drugs are used frequently and in high intensity situations. It is imperative that you know what they are.

    The Rapid Head-to-Toe Assessment Song

    Pharmacology – the study of drugs and their uses and effects. The name alone strikes terror into the hearts of nursing students. Fear not! Read more to find helpful tips to make it through Pharmacology.

    Cardiac Dysrhythmia Heartbeat Dances - YouTube