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This was my problem for a week in Jamaica...Patois is very hard to understand even though it's technically English..

We've all been there. Those were the days when you needed tech support and an American helped you.

lol so true! I switched to an AMERICAN company that has NOT sent their IT over seas!!!

Lol sooo true and annoying!

ahhh tech supports joys

LOL so true I <3 Apple

My life = this.

Haha so true

True story

This is so true! lol

When I ask somebody to take a picture of me... - #OnlyForU #funny, #lol, #fun, #humor, #comics, #meme, #lol pic, #Funny pic, #haha,

Hahahaha! This is so true ... My daughter always wants me to take pictures of her - and they turn out great - but if I ask her to take my picture she complains and then it is blurry or my head is cut off - so I have so few pics of me over the last few years - and I haven't mastered the art of the selfie yet....

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 83 Pics SO true!!! @Elizabeth Lockhart Lockhart K

Hahahaahahhahaha omg YESSSSSSSS All the freaking time @Shaina Pagani smith

Photographer problems. (this is cracking me up!! so true)

so true Funny Pictures Of The Day – 77 Pics

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 77 Pics SO TRUE!!

Funny Pictures Of The Day So True – 83 Pics

So true! Story of my life

OMG!!! So true!!!

OMG!!! So true!!!

OMG!!! So true!!!

Literally woke up my child by laughing out loud about this one.

Jokes all around (15&nbsp;photos) - funny-jokes-1

Laughing so hard!! The best case against selfies!

That's my Face! Brunch. Brunch. Cat. Brunch.

Dying. Brunch brunch brunch brunch brunch.

Haha so true!!

Had to laugh.

So funny lol


so true

so true

Skill levels explained…

so true

Ski Signs... So funny, but I'm pretty sure the black diamond needs to add: kid going slow and crying the whole time; that was me!

Ski slope skill levels explained. This is so true. It's not even funny. And I was totally that snowboarder "ruining all the snow" the first time I did it.

Ski slope skill levels explained. So true!! Grew up a good skier I'm that boarder that ruins the snow for the skiers hahaha

LMAO! this is so funny! the things about the kids is so true! stay out of the parks kiddos!

Ski slope skill levels explained. This is so true. It's not even funny. OMG I love it!!!

Ski slope skill levels explained. This is so funny

Skill levels explained…this made me laugh.

funny stuff

A collection of funny things we find while wasting time online.

So. True.

So. True.

Ten lies you tell yourself all the time…

So. True.

Ten lies you tell yourself all the time… I have to admit that these are very framiliar from senior year in high school :/

10 College Lies. This is scarily accurate! My life at this very second! " I've studied long enough, a little Pinterest break never hurt anyone!"

All of these questions and so much more. College Life for sure! (And my high school one)

Lies college students tell themselves during an all-nighter. Basically my life

The top 10 Lies you tell yourself every all-nighter... story of my life...

10 College Lies (these work for high school too) #myliferightnow

10 College Lies. This is legit my life during exam week.

Lies students tell themselves - story of my life

10 College Lies (these work for high school too)

The Berryfrom The Berry

Take a BERRY Break (40 photos)

So true!

Guys in hats: Expectation Vs Reality…it's so true.

Ha! Maybe that's why I don't usually wear hats?

Holy moly! That cracks me up. It's so true!

Expectation=>Reality list

Reasons I hate hats

bahahahahaha. true

. funny-stuff

haha Madmen!

Pretty Little Things: mad about {Mad Men}


I wish I could sleep…

so true

I wish I could sleep but my stupid ADHD kicks in and well basically, one sheep, two sheep, cow, turtle, duck, old McDonald had a farm, Heeeey Macarena! This is totally me!

I started giggling when I read the "Old McDonald had a farm" part, then I busted out laughing at "HEEEEY MACARENA!" ;) Yes, I'm pinning about insomnia because I can't sleep - counterproductive? Probably.

I started giggling when I read the "Old McDonald had a farm" part, then I busted out laughing at "HEEEEY MACARENA!"

I started giggling when I read the "Old McDonald had a farm" part, then I busted out laughing at "HEEEEY MACARENA!" ;) Those nights when I can't fall asleep because my mind is being productive, and then, well, basically, one sheep, two sheep, cow, turtle, duck, old mcdonald had a farm, HEEEEY MACARENA!

Story of my life .....seriously. Now I know why I can't sleep!

All. The. Time. Hence pinning funny things at 2am

I wish I could sleep. The story of my life! lol

This is so true weclome to my life lol!

Funny stuff lol


No, no, no!


seriously...who can bear this? sarah mclauchlin is why we channel surf during commercial break

can't handle it! SO TRUE! you know you cant watch this commercial.. cry everytime

Haha! Exactly because the commercials are so sad. I just laughed so HARD!!!!!

Every single time... cannot watch it... what a terrible, sad commercial :(

True story! The channel changes every time this commercial comes on!

Every single time!! That commercial makes me so sad..

Haha! So true! I hate these sad.

NOPE. Not the Sarah McLaughlin commercial.

Funny Stuff - Putting a smile on your face.

Very true

"Why is hot cold and cold hot?" "The shower head doesn't work...?" "My nozzle doesn't have this option."

Funny Things That Are True (34 Photos) : theCHIVE

Everyone thinks they're so smart... - Imgur

And the hotel showers are the worst!

Lmao!!! True story

completely true

Lol! So true

Funny Stuff

Oooooh yea

So funny but so true!

Funny thing is that I saw this when I was in the middle of a cold

Or when my sinuses & allergies act up. Story of my life

Lol this made me laugh!!!

haha, so true.

My life



Left nostril versus right nostril meme - Tuesday giggles at

Funny Pictures - 56 Pics


An important public service announcement!!!!- I agree, they're comparable to pantyhose! ok now that we've established that, think big sweaters and long shirts!

I would put this on my Funny Stuff page, but this is actually true- this needs to be a PSA. come on people!!! NOT work appropriate!!!

Public service announcement. SO TRUE. Can I print this off and stick it everywhere around campus??

Public service announcement. SO TRUE. Leggings with a plain shirt makes you look GROSS.

Public service announcement..... SO, SO, SO true... Ladies, remember this!!!!

Public service announcement! Definitely one of my biggest pet peeves!!

Public service announcement! And FYI, leggings are not pants either

Public service announcement.!!! so true and very annoying ;lolm

Public service announcement Quote

Very True!!

Very True!!

Very True!!

These are all so true!!! My life is summed up by # 25. And those that know me are shaking their heads and laughing about it.

so funny...I've read this before, but still laugh when I read it!! So many of them I agree with 100%

I agree with all of this and number 29 is what made me laugh out loud...not sure why I found it so funny!

Truths for Mature Humans. I definitely agree with most of them! I can't breath now for laughing. Read it even if you have to find it.

Truth for Mature Humans. Guess I'm mature, 'cuz this totally made me laugh and think "so true"

So true - and so funny! Laughed and agreed with everyone of them. Too good.

laughs and giggles. so true.

#Truth for Mature Humans Fun,Funnies,funny,Funny stuff,Laugh,laughter is the best medicine,Things for My Wall,

Happy Weekend!!! I was on Pinterest to look for some pretty pictures to share with you guys, but I saw two things that made me laugh out loud... literally! And it was the kind of hilarious where I would stop laughing, then remember how funny it was, and start laughing all over again. ;) Hahahahahahaha, oh Moms... My favorites? #1 -- Hahahaha, I always delete my computer history... to cover up my being a Facebook stalker. Just kidding... okay, not really. But come on, who doesn't stalk people on Facebook? ;P #2 -- Totally! #3 -- I live for naps, haha. #5 -- I hate folding fitted sheets! #7 -- Seriously, I don't need to be told to drive out of my street. #12 -- So true! And I haven't even started my blu-ray collection, haha! #16 -- Not gonna lie, I totally agree. #17 -- Haha, who doesn't? #18 -- Yeah, that will make it easier to see where the ice cream is at night. #21 -- Very, very true. I had no idea what Pocahontas was really about as a kid, all I know was my sisters and I had to sing along to Just Around the Riverbend and Colors of the Wind. ;) #22 -- Guilty. #25 -- Haha, what? ;P #29 -- That's why I don't like to lean my chair backwards. Which of these made you laugh the most? :D ------------------------------------- P.S. My Stages of Beauty giveaway ends tonight at 11:59pm PST. Thanks and good luck to everyone who entered! To enter, please click the link. :) Here are links to my previous posts: Halloween Dress-Up: Easy Costume Ideas Wedding Wednesday: Black Wedding Dresses Style Watch: Open-Toe Booties Review: MuLondon Natural Organic Skincare :D I wish all of you a fantastic weekend! Twitter? WhatMimiWrites :)

It's true.

True Story!! My husband, picks all the red skittles out for me too :)

that's true love.... Thought of my baby boy!

GIGGLES 109 **04/23** - CafeMom Mobile

I love red and pink starbursts. Haha

True love= red or pink Starbursts

True story. love my reds & pinks.

haha! so true :)

Funny stuff

true story

It's true.

Omg are all us girls alike cus whenever I say this, I'm not laughing I'm like pissed off. #pissedoff #quotes #gir...

True story, except I say, , "I just think it's weird that.."

Ha. #truth #girlfriend #humor #giggles

Oh my gosh. SO FUNNY!

Hahaha... True story.

True Story....LMAO

Best Funny Stuffs

True story.. Lol

haha so true


Hahaha vs. Bahaha…

True. Hahaha!

Hahaha vs Bahaha... I will now always picture a sheep when someone says, "Bahaha!" (That sheep is scary!!!

Why is this so funny!?! Lol I don't even understand the first part - It's just the pictures that are cracking me up.

"Hahaha vs Bahaha. Never use bahaha." I use both. but this picture is so good.

Why is this so funny!?! I can't stop giggling over this!

I can't stop laughing because the bottom picture is me!

Haha, so true!

True story bro

Funny pictures about Hahaha vs. Bahaha.... Oh, and cool pics about Hahaha vs. Bahaha.... Also, Hahaha vs. Bahaha... photos.

This made me laugh so SO hard!: Laughing So Hard, Giggle, Sotrue, Truth, So True, Funny Stuff, Funnies, So Funny

SO true!

As a kid? I still get excited when a teacher wheels in one of those stupid things into the classroom...can you tell my school is old?

Yupp it was awesome when the teacher would roll the tv cart into the classroom

I remember this exact feeling from so long ago! Best school days ever :D

Loved it when this was in the classroom!! Movie day!!

You know you're a 90's kid when...

So remember this. Movie day!!

childhood memories

funny stuff....

Find and follow posts tagged 90s kids on Tumblr

So true! Lol

Pinterest~now that I have your attention Honey, can you pick up some milk on the way home? Please :)...Well played sir!

Now that's well played #funny #meme #humor

My husband would so do this! well played mister...well played. lol.

Best Of, “Well Played…” lol this will be my future husband hahaha!

well played... my husband would be caught doin this

well played. very smart man.

well played sir, well played

For Pinterest Addicts

Hilarious Pinterest hubby! Funnies,funny,funny bone,Funny stuff,haha,Laugh Til It Hurts,Things That Make Me Giggle,


Anatomy of a banana…

Haha true!

Satan's anus lol it's so horrible but i laughed so loud i had to repin. So true!! I always pinch off the ended of a banana. Oooooh, bad choice of words....

Satan's anus lol it's so horrible but i laughed so loud i had to repin. So true!!

banana anatomy....haha so true!! I want to puke when I accidentally eat the end!

I just laughed so hard at this!!! So true!! Lolololol satan's anus!!

OMG I haven't laughed this hard in a long time. Funny stuff!

Banana Anatomy. I laughed so hard I got tears. SO TRUE!

I giggled a little too hard at true!!

I laughed so hard. Click here to download Why is this so funny?! Click here to download TRUTH Click here to download Oh if this were true. Click here to download

Funny pictures about Banana Anatomy Is Quite Simple. Oh, and cool pics about Banana Anatomy Is Quite Simple. Also, Banana Anatomy Is Quite Simple photos.

So true.

True story... oh my goodness... I seriously just laughed so hard... hilarious - and yes, true.

sorry for the woman belly.... but this is so true.... story of my life right now

yep: Cake, Giggle, Truth, My Life, So True, Funny Stuff, Funnies, Smile

Unfortunate, but true... Story of my life :( waa lol

Haha! so true! This is totally me, every day.

Hahaha. This is so true. My life story...

hahahaha!! so true! Story of my life

True story... Ha! Story of my life.

so true! Story of my life

Lol! So true ~

Pinterest... Making people feel empowered yet incompetent, inspired yet overwhelmed, and just plain hungry... all at the same time.

Making people empowered.... Lol and just plain hungry

Pinterest Truth :) ~ Somewhere in the Middle Blog

Yep! :) Pinterest humor

Pinterest addict!

Funny Stuff

sooo true!!!

Lol so true!

haha so true.