Tips For Making Moving More Organized and Less Painful. Have to remember this for next year.

Tons of little tricks.

Our Favorite Daily Organizing Solutions

Great tips, haven't seen them anywhere else before.

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5 Tips to Make Your House Appear Cleaner Than It Is

Tips for moving

"Where to Start When Packing For Your Move" - Have a plan of attack, even when you have professional movers! Great tips.

moving tips- wish I had these about three dad ago!!

Moving is a Pain in the Rear - How to Pack for the Move

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100 things I should have been able to think of on my own. -- Seriously, this is an AMAZING list.

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30 Organization Tips That'll Make You Go...Ah-ha!!

7 Helpful Tips for Moving Everything You Own Without Losing Your Mind | Apartment Therapy

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This woman's blog is outstanding! If you need organization...Pin now, look later.

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A great list of places where you can score FREE Moving boxes! Talk about making your DIY moving a little more affordable. Thankful for these tips.

Packing Hanging Clothes- Moving? Tips for Packing Up Your Home -