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The first person who decided to say a word instead of throwing a rock can be considered the starter of civilization.

Shironeko (かご猫, literally “White Cat”) is a Turkish van cat, (sometimes called Basket Cat) and his marmalade friend... in a basket.

Kittentini dry with two olives! Best damn drink Iv'e had since the bloody booger & scab smoothie last week. What can I say…I'm big on protein.

I lost my way in the flowers and got really scared that I'd never find you!

"Creative people have apparently mastered the art of turning off a part of their brains which allows ideas to flow more smoothly, by... laughing!" ⇠ Humour drives creativity! www.fastcompany.c... Come on guys, have a good giggle, it will help you be more creative → Go on, it is Friday!

Sometimes you just havta stop and smell the flowers...or rub up against them~