such an amazing idea for a multi generational picture!!!



I want to do this!!!! Naturism Of The Life. | See More Pictures

All little girls should have a picture like this

Family Picture picture-ideas


Fall photos — hehehe...this makes me chuckle!

Photoshop. Layer your child's art over their photo!

Guitar Lady ....wish I knew her story

Cool Travel DIY! - 1. Visit state. 2. Take pictures in said state. 3. Cut them out in the shape of said state, and add to map.

beautiful family portrait.

balloons on pavement

Mother and picture! She's holding a mirror and he's in front of her! Jennifer Lynn Photography

I tried this and it took my camera a little longer to focus but my pictures look AMAZING!! I love this

haha, cute!

first day and last day of school. Must remember this!!

Generation photo - add toddler/infants hand

Cute Christmas Card Idea. I wanna do this someday!

This is a great pose for a sibling picture!

i want to do this!