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    Anubis by *MelUran on deviantART #Egypt

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    • Suskir

      Classic Mythology - Anubis by MelUran. Weighing of the heart with the feather of truth. If yoyr heart is lighter than the feather you go to heaven. Heavier it gets eaten by the demon god.

    • spit .

      thehereticpharaoh: “ Anubis Base Card Art - Mel Uran by Pernastudios of deviantART Anubis (Yinepu) - Egyptian Mythology – Anubis was the God of mummification and protection of the dead for their...

    • Odins Dottir

      Anubis Base Card Art - Mel Uranus Anubis was the God of mummification and protection of the dead for their journey into the afterlife. He was usually portrayed as half human/half jackal. One of his roles was "Guardian of the Scales". Deciding the weight of "truth" by weighing the Heart against Ma'at, who was often depicted as an ostrich feather, Anubis dictated the fate of souls. In this manner, he was a Lord of the Underworld, only usurped by Osiris.

    • Pam

      Pinterest @Lvngdedgrl- Classic Mythology - Anubis by *MelUran on deviantART #Egypt

    • Nolan Vail

      Classic Mythology- Anubis by on @deviantART

    • Zanna

      Classic Mythology- Anubis with Ammit by *MelUran on deviantART

    • Ane Anita

      Egyptian God Anubis god of the underworld <3 :)

    • Shari F

      Classic Mythology - Anubis by MelUran

    • Evan Williams


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    Sekhmet from Egyptian Mythology (Goddess of War and destruction, and healing) as drawn by Claire Hummel (shoomlah on Deviantart). This was for a remake/remodel on the Warren Ellis forum. "The idea for this particular challenge was to do a modern day version of Sekhmet, as she might appear in comics."




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    Baphomet..................... Angel. Demon. Heaven. Hell. God. Satan. Hades. Rapture. Apocalypse. Grim Reaper. Death. Judgment Day. Torture. Misery. Pain. Afterlife. Peace. Seraph. Archangel. Cherub. Religion. Faith. Underworld. Paradise. Day of the Dead. Possession. Poltergeist. Ghost. Haunting. Phantom. Specter. Phantasm.

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