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This is wonderful!

Susan Downey keeps it real

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The cold, hard truth from tumblr.

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I'm going home! I'm going home! :)

Really New funniest photos (7:28:10 AM PST Monday, February 16, 2015) – 13 pics

Classic! Church sign battle.

Lego Fortress - From 62 Stunning Lego pics, photos and memes. - SillyCool

hahahahaha that was funny

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The young pickup, timid of its surroundings, stays near its mother while learning to travel with the herd

* Breaking Cat News Christmas Special Part Four

BREAKING CAT NEWS » There’s a mysterious lump in the bed.

Elvis has been in a stand off with the Man’s feet for 45 minutes. (Breaking Cat News, by Georgia Dunn)

BREAKING CAT NEWS » It’s really hot today.

Breaking Cat News

exactly my face