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“From the Buddhist perspective, the only lasting way to bring about change is for people themselves to change.” ~ Pat Allwright By: Josh Taylor Title: Serenity

A bunny named Willie lived with us. I've been told that he transformed into the blue Buddha when he passed. We look for him as a bright blue dot when he comes to visit. Photo of blue Buddha by Alfarman.

Just remember that when your thoughts become to overwhelming that God is there to help you through the journey. Serenity prayer also helps.

when you become calm and serene on the inside, the world becomes more calm and serene on the outside.

RT if your dog likes to distract you and vie for your attention while you do your yoga! This is my friend Lilian and her dog Cookie looks like... She lands on her all the time! LOL

Chaos is inherent in all compounded things. Strive on with diligence. Buddha

It's all in your attitude.. each day is a fresh start! Your yesterday DOES NOT define your tomorrow.

Kyosumi park, Tokyo, Japan Copyright: Jerome Limozin

Wise, wise, wise words - if only Sheeple could read. If the Sheeple would only believe the wise who have seen things they wouldn't believe.

Take some time to sit quietly in your favorite place....water is very calming to the soul....