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Larimar ... enduces a deep medative state, raises consciousness & harmonizes body & soul to new vibrations cellularhealing.o... removes self imposed blockages:)

Larimar - official stone of the Dominican Republic..found and cultivated there

I LOVE rocks. And seashells. But this is a rock, do not be confused.

Larimar a.k.a. Blue Pectolite, is very rare and is only found in the Dominican Republic. This mineral is a mixture of beautiful Caribbean Copper Blue-Green colors. Occasionally Hematite Dendrites, Calcite and Natrolite inclusions occur. This sought after stone is a relatively new discovery.

Larimar - Found in the Dominican Republic. Quickly becoming one of my favorite stones. I just love the color variations.

Larimar is a rare variety of pectolite, found only in one location in the Dominican Republic. Blue pectolite was first found in the Dominican Republic in 1916 by Father Miguel Domingo Fuertes Loren. Story is that he made a request to the Ministry of Mining to mine for a blue rock he had discovered. His request was not approved, because no one knew what he was talking about. (fascinating!)

This is a rare stone found only in the Dominican Republic. Larimar power stone, gorgeous turtleback undersea blue Larimar Fully Polished stone - 300.0 ct.

Larimar - a rare form of blue pectolite created by volcanic activity that balances water and fire energy.

Larimar...I have my ring made of this :) thanks to my Aunt Candi :)

Larimar: opens new dimensions; aids in deep meditation by raising consciousness and harmonizing the body and soul; facilitates angelic contact; removes self-sabotaging behavior and self-imposed blockages | #perspicacityparty #magicgeodes #larimar

Larimar heart -- I really admire the larimar crystal because it looks like it has water ripples :)