I have always loved this idea - using a concrete rain water tank for a pool! Just love it

Couldn't you do this w/ any above ground pool... put the slats around? It is such a good look. | greengardenblog.comgreengardenblog.com

Tank pool

Pool in the mountains.

Plunge pool

outdoor shower

Not all of us have the means or space to install a typical pool so Ludovica+Roberto Palomba designed the Minipool for Kos to solve that.

Hot tub

just perfect

Designed by JTJ Design


Pool garden.




The perfect plunge pool! Chemical free, compact and affordable. Great if space is an issue or your looking for a more bijou natural pool. #NaturalSwimmingPool #Plungepool


courtyard in San Miguel de Allende



citylaboratory / rotunda, les jardins de grand-métis